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Corporate Recovery

and Insolvency

There are many different reasons why companies can find themselves in financial difficulties, but whenever a crisis arises, quick and decisive action becomes essential. At PBI, we believe that most companies that find themselves faced with difficult circumstances have the ability to deal with the underlying problems and make the changes that are needed to enable the business to survive and move forward.


Providing advice, guidance, and support to senior management throughout these difficult periods is the goal of our Corporate Recovery and Insolvency practice. The key to our success in this field has been our ability to determine the real nature of the problems that are involved, and identify and propose solutions that are practical, affordable, and effective.


A key part of our role is to work with secured creditors, borrowers, and suppliers to assess each individual situation and identify alternatives that constitute the best possible solution for all stakeholders concerned. The professionals on PBI’s Corporate Recovery and Insolvency team are frequently able to assist their clients in rebuilding relationships with banks and other secured creditors and developing and implementing turnaround strategies that will restore confidence in the future potential of the business. We can also act as advisors to the financial community and to trade credit groups as required.


In cases where placing the business into bankruptcy appears to be the only viable option, PBI professionals are able to act as trustee in proposal or bankruptcy. Our goal in these situations is to resolve all outstanding issues in a manner that is not only expedient, but also fair and equitable to all parties concerned. By working in close collaboration with the debtor and its various creditors, we're able to identify "win-win" solutions that provide the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders that are involved in the situation inquestion.



"You have taken us from the verge of financial ruin and put us on the path of financial independence."

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