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How to Evaluate if You Are Financially Bankrupt

In order for a debtor to properly evaluate how serious are his or her financial difficulties, one must look for the early warning signs of a financial crash:

  • your accounts are referred to lawyers or collection agencies

  • you barely can make minimum payments of credit cards

  • you have arrears with your utility bills

While not exhaustive, these signs will strongly indicate that you are facing a financial crisis. Unfortunately this can lead to a serious change in your life if not dealt with in promptly. You will want to deal with the problem before you have to deal with one of these:

  • creditors calling you at work

  • creditors calling your employer

  • seizures on your pay

  • utilities cutting service

  • increased family tensions

The goal of the PBI team is to understand your individual issues at your FREE initial interview.

We will determine the best solution for your particular needs and requirements.

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"You have taken us from the verge of financial ruin and put us on the path of financial independence."

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