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Hydro Bankruptcy, What Happens?

There are few things that are as absolutely essential as hydroelectric power. Yet despite its total importance, our legislators have chosen to give only partial protection to consumers once the seek protection.

If a consumer files for Proposal protection in Quebec and Hydro has yet to cut the power, the consumer is protected by the law and Hydro Quebec is forbidden to cut the power arbitrarily. Yet recent jurisprudence has decided that if the filing is mere seconds after power is cut, the consumer is not protected and Hydro need not resume service. On the other hand, if the consumer files for bankruptcy, Hydro Quebec is bound to resume service. They are permitted to require a deposit to guarantee future payments. It seems odd, that the debtor wishing to settle with his/her creditors can be placed in a more precarious situation than the debtor who files a bankruptcy.

It is normal that debtors act cautiously before deciding on an insolvency matter, yet, we must caution those contemplating filing not to unduly delay their decision. The delay can mean having light on or not.

"You have taken us from the verge of financial ruin and put us on the path of financial independence."

Actual client testimonial. Name removed to protect privacy

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